How does the database look?

Designers & Contractors can search by supplier or product CSI category then select from the products displayed for sustainability details. Each product is given its own full screen display which includes:

  • Product image & description;
  • Unique QR Code for Smartphone access;
  • Link to supplier details & Trade License copy;
  • Key sustainability specifications
  • Compliance statements for applicable credits;
  • Applicable building typologies;
  • Supporting technical documents.

Users can compare specifications with other products; save to Favourites or move to Suggested Products where they are then stored in their own Project eFile for final shortlisting and procurement

Frequently asked questions


Is this just a database for green products?

A: No, Sustainability codes are interested in the large number of products, and they don't always have to be green to pass the code. At the same time, designers and contractors want a single database for all of the products they need, together with a statement of where each can and cannot be used.

Where do products in the Main Database come from?

A: Because the service is free to everybody every contractor and consultant will be able to add suppliers and products of their choice. Once accessed for general compliance all products are pooled into the main database and accessible to all Users for project specific assessment.

How does database assess differently for each project?

A: We use industry-leading software to provide instantaneous product assessments taking into account the specific building typology, rating code and target credits for all possible conditions. Users who search the database have their results automatically filtered for their own unique project conditions.

Who can see the products?

A: Products that you choose for your project are kept in your own database for confidentiality. Generally however any designer or contractor using the PS Index facility can freely access all products included in the general database, giving you a large range of product options.

Is PS Index involved in the financial transaction with contractors?

A: No. All pricing & negotiations are handled directly between the supplier and contractor.

Why do designers need to assess building products?

A: Sustainability codes can impact almost any product material, depending on the credits being targeted, so the correct specifications are critical. Until now the only way to know for sure was to ask a sustainability consultant.

Does PS Index provide Sustainability Consulting Services?

A: Yes, when requested PS Index uses Ceres Management Services LLC to integrate its consulting services into our system for both Estidama (Abu Dhabi) and Al Safat (Dubai).

Does PS Index issue online Product Approval Certificates for Projects?

A: Yes, when combined with Ceres consulting services into out system for both Esitadama (Abu Dhabi) and Al Safat (Dubai).



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