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For Contractors & Subcontractors a major risk factor has always been the tender stage where material pricing is usually done without knowledge of the project's target credits or the compliance of the materials upon which their pricing was based. This risk is eliminated with PS Index because the compliance of any product can be determined instantly and at no cost during the tender process.

During the construction stage contractors not only receive free product monitoring services but they will save weeks in procurement time because all required sustainability information (including supporting documents and Supplie's Trade License) are provided instantly online.

Tender Stage:

  • For projects registered with PS Index a printed copy of suggested compliant products from the Design Team may be included in the tender documents. Contractors can access sustainability compliance information via the QR code next to each product, minimising potential variation orders due to tenders based on non-compliant products.

Construction Stage:

  • Upon free registration you will be allocated a confidential project Efile with where you can enter the names of your allocated Users as well as the target credit points for the project. Usernames and passwords will be automatically issued to you.
  • Requests for product information can come either directly from products already in the database (from other projects) or, if not already in the database then from your own product library. Product assessment is free and there is no limit to the number of products.
  • Simply upload the product name, type and supplier contact details and the system will automatically send an invitation to that supplier with a link to questions and documents customised to the nature of the product.
  • Once the supplier uploads the required data the product will be instantly assessed for Estidama and/or Al Sa'fat by computer and permanently stored in our database which will be accessible free-of-charge. Unless those product specifications change that product will never need to be assessed again.
  • By using the search engine within your eFile you will be able to search for your product (and others) by product name, supplier name or CSI category. Each product is given its own full screen display showing affected credits and compliance statements telling where they can and cannot use that product within the requirements unique to your own project.

Typical Product Screen Display

  • Products can be compared and products of interest can be saved to the Suggested Products tab for further consideration. Any products you select will be stored in your confidential project eFile so only registered Users in your project team will have access.
  • All negotiations between the contractor and supplier is secure and outside of the PS Index system ensuring confidentiality.
  • Before sending product information for procurement approval a Certificate of Compliance can be downloaded complete with links to supporting documents. These documents can be sent to your sustainability consultant for signing or, for a small fee, can be signed by PS Index engineers confirming product compliance.
  • On procurement approval proof of purchase documents are uploaded to the project eFile and the product data with all supporting documents is automatically stored in the Product Register ready for submittal or examination by Authorities.

FAQ for Contractors:

Q1: Is this just a database for green products?

A: No. Sustainability codes can affect most building products, and they don't always have to be green to pass the code. At the same time, designers and contractors want a single database for all of the products they need, together with a statement of where each can and cannot be used

Q2: Where do products in the Main Database come from?

A: Every contractor and consultant is be able to add suppliers and products of their choice. Once assessed for general compliance all products are pooled into the main database and accessible to all Users for project specific assessments.

Q3: Who can see the products you select for your project?

A: Whilst you are free to search the main database any products selected go into your project eFile and are completely secure, visible only to the nominated Users in your project team.

Q4: Who should have access to product searches in your team?

A: All main contractor staff and subcontractors who deal with product selection should be able to load their own product requests to ensure both compliance & supporting data collection ready for final submission to Authorities.

Q5: How does the system assess products differently in each project?

A: We have developed software that provides instantaneous product assessments taking into account the specific building typology, rating code and target credits for all possible conditions. Users who search the database have their results automatically filtered for their own unique project conditions.

Q6: Can we speak to the suppliers directly?

A: All product requests must go through PS Index to enter the system as direct interface with their technical division is essential for proper assessment. However, once a product has been identified from within the main database and saved to your project eFile you are free to negotiate prices directly with the supplier.

Q7: Why do we need to include proof of purchase to save our project in the Product register?

A: Proof of purchase is needed to validate that the product was actually used on the project. As soon as you upload proof of purchase the required supporting documents are added to the Product Register for final submission on project completion.

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As a registered architect and full-time sustainability consultant I've spent the last 11 years learning nearly everything there is to know about assessing building materials for sustainability compliance in the UAE.

On top of increased scrutiny in relation to embodied carbon, Covid has also become a game-changer for the construction industry. Reduced margins and the challenges of face to face interactions has made us realise there is a better way to approach this business. By bringing suppliers together with designers and contractors in a free online platform we have now created a system which is faster, cheaper and more efficient than ever before - truly a win-win solution for all stakeholders.

Kim McLure, CEO

PS Index

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