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With sustainability codes now mandatory in most of the UAE and the pressure on projects to minimise their Carbon emissions by 2030 the importance of building material compliance has never been higher. To remain competitive manufacturers and suppliers must now respond to these demands, not only by having compliant specifications but also having all necessary data and supporting documentation available at a minute's notice to avoid procurement approval delays.

Add to this the difficulties of face to face interactions due to Covid and it is clear that a solution had to be found.

How it works.

  • Requests for product information come either directly from products already in the database (from other projects), or out of the product libraries of architects, engineers and contractors.
  • Supplier participation is by invitation only. Once you register & agree to the Terms and Conditions you will be directed to a secure Supplier Module where you will respond to a short online questionnaire and upload the required documents for each product. There will be technical questions asked.
  • Once your data is uploaded your product will be instantly assessed for Estidama or Al Sa'fat and permanently stored in our database which will be accessible free-of-charge to every architect, engineer and contractor in the UAE. Unless your product specifications change you will never need to have that product assessed again.
  • Every architect, engineer or contractor selecting your product from our database will be able to establish compliance with their project requirements and will connect with you directly (externally from the PS Index system) for further questions and price negotiation.
  • If agreement for a sale is made then your data, complete with supporting documents, is automatically copied from the database to the project's eFile for submission to Authorities.
  • The service is free to all consultants, contractors and sub-contractors who are working on current projects.
  • For suppliers PS Index is completely risk free. The assessment of unlimited products is completely free and suppliers only pay a small fixed contribution for their full-screen product display if and when they sell a product!
  • Each product is given its own full screen display telling Users where they can and cannot use the product.

Typical Product Screen Display

  • Products can be compared and products of interest can be saved to the Suggested Products tab for further consideration. Any products you select will be stored in your confidential project eFile so only registered Users in your project team will have access.
  • All negotiations between the contractor and supplier is secure and outside of the PS Index system ensuring confidentiality.
  • Before sending product information for procurement approval a Certificate of Compliance can be downloaded complete with links to supporting documents. These documents can be sent to your sustainability consultant for signing or, for a small fee, can be signed by PS Index engineers confirming product compliance.
  • On procurement approval proof of purchase documents are uploaded to the project eFile and the product data with all supporting documents is automatically stored in the Product Register ready for submittal or examination by Authorities.

FAQ for Contractors:

Q1: Is this just a database for green products?

A: No. Sustainability codes can affect most building products, and they don't always have to be green to pass the code. At the same time, designers and contractors want a single database for all of the products they need, together with a statement of where each can and cannot be used

Q2: Where do products in the Main Database come from?

A: Every contractor and consultant is be able to add suppliers and products of their choice. Once assessed for general compliance all products are pooled into the main database and accessible to all Users for project specific assessments.

Q3: Who can see the products you select for your project?

A: Whilst you are free to search the main database any products selected go into your project eFile and are completely secure, visible only to the nominated Users in your project team.

Q4: Who should have access to product searches in your team?

A: All main contractor staff and subcontractors who deal with product selection should be able to load their own product requests to ensure both compliance & supporting data collection ready for final submission to Authorities.

Q5: How does the system assess products differently in each project?

A: We have developed software that provides instantaneous product assessments taking into account the specific building typology, rating code and target credits for all possible conditions. Users who search the database have their results automatically filtered for their own unique project conditions.

Q6: Can we speak to the suppliers directly?

A: All product requests must go through PS Index to enter the system as direct interface with their technical division is essential for proper assessment. However, once a product has been identified from within the main database and saved to your project eFile you are free to negotiate prices directly with the supplier.

Q7: Why do we need to include proof of purchase to save our project in the Product register?

A: Proof of purchase is needed to validate that the product was actually used on the project. As soon as you upload proof of purchase the required supporting documents are added to the Product Register for final submission on project completion.

For more detailed information on pricing & Terms & Conditions click here

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As a registered architect and full-time sustainability consultant I've spent the last 11 years learning nearly everything there is to know about assessing building materials for sustainability compliance in the UAE.

On top of increased scrutiny in relation to embodied carbon, Covid has also become a game-changer for the construction industry. Reduced margins and the challenges of face to face interactions has made us realise there is a better way to approach this business. By bringing suppliers together with designers and contractors in a free online platform we have now created a system which is faster, cheaper and more efficient than ever before - truly a win-win solution for all stakeholders.

Kim McLure, CEO

PS Index

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